Getting started with Handlerz, Part 1 : Post a help request

Getting started with Handlerz, Part 1 : Post a help request

 In order to make you familiar with Handlerz, we will be publishing a series of articles, Getting started with Handlerz, that will take you through the first steps in using the application. We hope this will help you making the most of the interface that will be your ticket to the Free Service Network.

We will first have a look at how to post a help request to ask help from the Handlerz community.

1-  Select the category that is best adapted to your need.

2 – Describe the nature of your need with a few words; don’t hesitate to give details so there is no misunderstanding.

3- Let the handlerz know when you need the help : ASAP, or by choosing a date and time (to do so, untick “ASAP”)

4 – Indicate how much time this will take.

5 – Now, the place ! if you GPS position is availble, the address field will be filled automatically with your current location. If not, or if you want to chose another place, you can fill the field manually.

6 – Finally, determine a price bracket by choosing and minimum/maximum compensation that you are willing to offer for this service. This bracket must match what you think is the fair compensation for the time and/or money that have been engaged.

Here you are ! Once the request is validated, you can access the preview screen to check that all details are ok. You can just “post” it and your request is now visible by the whole Handlerz community.

A few requests ideas to get started :

  • Having trouble with your computer ? Need an expert to look into it ? Post your request into the category : “Skills”, then ” Computer”
  • Missing an egg for this cake you’re baking ? Post your request into the category : “Food/Kitchen” then “Ingredient”
  • Need a hand to move some heavy furniture ? First chose “Extra person”, then “Need a hand”
  • Forgot your phone charger, but need to be reachable all day ? First select “Short rental”, then “Charger”

As you can see, this is pretty straight forward… and can answer all needs !


You want to contact us, ask us a question, or even just say hi ?

send us an email on contact[at]

The  Handlerz team

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