Handlerz : How does it work ?

Handlerz : How does it work ?

So what is Handlerz exactly, and how does it work ?

To put it simply, Handlerz is what you would call a life-saver. Imagine that :

  • You have to move the fridge, but it is quite heavy, plus there’s no one around to give a hand ?  We can help with this !
  • You’re hosting a dinner party, and realize you completely forgot to buy the eggs for the cake. Don’t you hate it when that happens ? No problem, Handlerz will help you out !
  • Your phone is running out of battery. Again ! The most frustrating thing is, there’s probably someone around with the exact same charger that you need. But you can’t exactly knock at every door in the neighbourhood, right ? What if we told you there’s a better way ?

In fact, in all these situations, the issue can be resolved easily. The only thing that you need is a way to find out the people around you with the relevant skills, to contact them, agree on a fair compensation, and everybody’s winning ! Handlerz is the application that will allow you to do just that.

Just log on your smartphone, chose the correct category (Food/Kitchen, Rental, Delivery, Extra hand, Translation… there is one for all your needs), and post a free help request. All the ‘handlerz’ with the relevant skills around you will immediately be notified and will be able to offer their help.

You just have to browse through the proposals, pick the best one, and you will be put in contact with the person you have selected. Problem solved !


You want to contact us, ask us a question, or even just say hi ?

send us an email on contact[at]handlerz.com.

The  Handlerz team





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